My Moment – Single

My Moment – Single


My Moment sets the tone for Christian evangelism. This uplifting and encouraging single explains why we have to be ready to give the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world, at all times. My Moment is an anthem for everyone who goes into the world to share Christ to the world. Jerry “Stay Humble” Jefferson gives an example of how this is to be done, in My Moment.

My Moment – Stay Humble

Christian Hip-hop artist, Jerry “Stay Humble” Jefferson, gives us an understanding of how to take advantage of our moment to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in this enlightening single “My Moment.” Make sure you take notes, as you step into the mind of street evangelist Stay Humble. Also, feel free to view the My Moment music video, as well.

This single has been a fire-starter for the My Moment online series. You can stay tuned to each episode by subscribing to the YouTube Channel or following the Stay Humble blogs.

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