Jesus Is LORD Pt. 2

Jesus is LORD pt. 2

Jesus Is LORD Pt. 2

February 7, 2018 / by admin

Welcome back to the My Moment Series with Stay Humble.
This is from the teaching series Jesus is LORD Pt. 2. In this video we look at authenticity. The genuine Christ follower should actually follow Christ.

So before we talk about our attitude and
application of what that attitude will
be turn with me the first John chapter
two because the first thing that we have
to hit is authenticity authenticity
are we genuine believers first John
chapter two verse one and I’m gonna I’m
gonna read through this I’ll pull up a
few highlights but here’s what it says
my little children John writes I am
writing these things to you so that you
may not sin so that you don’t walk in
disobedience to God okay I’m writing
these things to you so that you may not
sin but if anyone does sin we have an
advocate with the father oh that’s good
news Jesus Christ the righteous and and
we’ll see this and how this all plays
out but it’s so amazing because like yo
you’re not good you’re not right with
God because you’re a good person you’re
not right with God because you don’t sin
because we all come out guilty we were
born into sin slaves bound by it and it
says here that Jesus Christ the
righteous it’s because of him
because of him and what he did that we
could be right with God that we have
this righteousness that has been
revealed by God that is actually from
so it says he is the propitiation for
our sins and not for ours only but also
the sins of the whole world the
propitiation and what that means is this
show it means that the sacrifice that he
made totally satisfied it totally
satisfied God’s wrath so he didn’t pay
to it one like okay he put a down
payment on the penalty and now we got it
you know we got to pick up the rest of
the check what he did was perfectly
pleasing to the Father and then when we
place our faith and trust in him he
gives us that he gives us that
perfection in that righteousness that
right standing with God and it’s
important as believers that we
understand this so we’re not walking
around like I do sometimes like God I’m
not good enough God why me God I don’t
deserve this well all those things are
true but in Christ I do because God
doesn’t look at me as Jerry the sinner
he looks at me as Jerry his son redeemed
in Christ that’s our identity so he says
also for the sins of the whole world and
by this we know that we have come to
know him so we’re talking about
authentic believers right by this we
know that we have come to know him if we
what’s it say there keep what by this we
know that we have come to know him if we
keep his Commandments whoever says I
know him but does not keep his
Commandments is what
so John doesn’t pull any punches here
he’s like yo somebody says they’re a
follower of Christ and they ain’t
following Christ look at the life and
see it’s real easy to look at somebody
but when we look in the mirror look at
the life so he says and the truth is not
in him
but whoever keeps his word in him truly
the love of God is perfected by this we
may know that we are in him whoever says
he abides in him ought to walk in the
same way in which he walked so before we
get to the attitude and the application
first we need to make sure that we’re
authentic we need to look at our life
and say okay wait wait wait
does my life look like his am i walking
in obedience to what he says to do this
is your moment