Jesus Is LORD Pt. 1

Jesus Is LORD Part 1

Jesus Is LORD Pt. 1

January 31, 2018 / by admin

Welcome back to my moment once again. You rockin’ with your boy Stay Humble, and this is part 1 of “Jesus is LORD.”
Listen as I begins the series “Jesus is Lord” with a focus on two things, Attitude and Application.
So often when we are seeking God’s will for our lives, we are looking for the next big thing. We need a fresh word from The LORD.
Well, here’s a subtle reminder to make sure you have done done what He has already told you to do.

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welcome back to my moment once again you
rocking with your boy stay humble and I
want to thank you for tuning in we’re
gonna do things a little different this
year and we’re gonna kick this year off
for the message that I preached for New
Year’s so just pay attention to and then
see y’all in a minute
2017 was probably in my walk of 15 years
one of the most trying years of my life
and my walk with Christ December
actually December 2nd of last year my
job ended and and this job was my
comfort zone so so the last year has
just been a walk of faith really haften
to trust God really having to depend on
God but he’s done so much in this time
you know my heart’s cries been God I
want to know you more you know I want
more of you you know and the way we get
to know God is by walking and obedience
to his word as we obey Him he reveals
himself to us so here we are at the end
of the year and I know Pastor Scott
always has a new I don’t know what it’ll
be this year but he’s gonna give y’all
one at least
either tonight or on the next service of
what the what the phrase for the year is
what wood is art you got one knot yeah
okay you still working on it okay what
I’m gonna do is I’m gonna give you mine
I’m gonna give you mine and so this is
this is for me but really this goes for
any believer because we’re going to talk
about today is attitude and application
all right so attitude and application
and the thing about the church at church
service our services are not built in a
church service should not be built
around inviting unbelievers in would you
agree with that a church service a
service of the church not the building
but the body of Christ should not be
about inviting unbelievers in saying hey
come in we’re going to make it easy for
you instead a church service is about
building up the body
and then as we build up the body people
from the outside that come in are like
oh my gosh this is amazing I need some
of this in my life okay so I’m gonna
talk to the believers I’m gonna talk to
the believers if you’re on TV
then you’re a believer listen up and if
you’re unbeliever listen in listen in
so attitude and application I’m gonna
pray and we’re gonna jump in father we
come before you right now we love you we
honor you and we ask that you would be
glorified in our lives for that’s our
desire that is the that is the passion
of the believer that we live to glorify
and to honor you Father I ask right now
Lord God that you would use me Lord I’m
a willing vessel do what you want to do
I pray that you prepared not only the
hearts of the listener but my own heart
that you work this word in me that it
would bring glory and honor to you so
have your way open our ears to hear open
our minds for we know that the Holy
Spirit is the one who brings the
revelation reveal to us what you’re
saying today in Jesus name Amen so I’m
not going to give you guys a bunch of
what I think I told you we’re going to
talk about this
this new year’s theme for me and and and
often we find ourselves looking to the
next what’s the next right and there’s a
whole Christian industry built on this
the next big thing the next big book the
next secret the next this the next that
and and just recently in my life I was
looking for the next
okay god I’m so frustrated in my life
like what is the next and through a
conversation with my wife
after some fasting and prayer he points
me back to the last said what did I tell
you to do just do that don’t worry about
the next do what I told you to do this
is your moment