About Us


Jerry “Stay Humble” Jefferson was born in New Kensington, PA. At the age of 5, his mother and father separated. His mother worked swing shifts to provide for the family, while his aunt stepped up to babysit him and his older brother.

The next leg of his journey took him to a small town called Vandergrift, PA. In a struggle to find his identity, he found his niche, football…and getting into trouble. Without a male role model in his life, he followed the lead of the Hip-Hop music he loved.

Stay Humble had aspirations of becoming a professional football player, boxer and rapper. Along the way he continued to get into minor trouble for stealing and fighting. In the 9th grade, however, the price for his roughhousing behavior would be a steep one, as he received a one-year expulsion for fighting. While, no stranger to trouble, something was different this time. He began to feel remorse. His expulsion made him ineligible for football the following year. So, in an attempt to get him back into school, his family had to move, again.

His former girlfriend invited him to church, and at the age of 15, he accepted Christ.

Stay Humble returned to New Kensington with a fresh outlook on his life. He resolved to prove the world wrong and show everyone that he wasn’t destined to be the stereotypical product of his environment. He started off well, but due to a series of poor decisions, found his life plans quickly beginning to unravel. By the time he was supposed to graduate, schools and their scholarships had walked away from him. Now, at age 18, with no college future ahead of him, no immediate job prospects, and one-year old, twin daughters to provide for, he went from being an occasional street hustler, to selling drugs full-time.

Like so many other young men before him, this career choice would bring his life to an all-time low. After finding himself in jail for the second time in a year, he surrendered. He re-dedicated his life to the Lord, began devouring scripture, and was transformed by the power of God.

Since being released in ‘02, Stay Humble has walked faithfully with God while discovering and exercising his gift of teaching. Putting his gift to work through music, he provides raw and relevant sermons over every beat. His ultimate goal is to glorify God with saved souls and changed lives.

At the end of 2003 Jerry was welcomed into a Christian hip hop group after receiving his new rap name, Stay Humble ( very interesting story). He recorded music and ministered with Generation Blessed and Special Ops until 2007 when the group separated. By the end of 2007, Jerry Graduated with an Associates Degree in Graphic Design and was finally getting to a place where he could provide for his young family.

In March of 2008 he took a job driving truck and continued to write rhymes as a solo artist. By the end of 2009 he received a significant raise and was able to begin investing more into his music and ministry career. Then in 2010, his friend and former member of the group Eric Majetich, opened his own studio and label called Word of Mouf’ Recordings. Once he had an engineer that could produce quality sound and had the money to buy beats, it was time to really get to work. 2010 was also the year he began going back into the same jail he was in to speak to the inmates and let them know they can break the cycle.

Stay Humble released a mixtape for the guys he used to run the streets with in 2011 that still gets rave reviews. He has also had the opportunity to perform with internationally known recording artists such as Trip Lee, Seven, Da Truth, and Curtis Blow. He released his first full length album titled “There Isn’t Much Time Left” in 2013 and followed it up with his second album “Redeemed”. His fans and supporters helped him raise enough money to professionally press up and give 1000 copies away at a fireworks festival in his hometown.

Stay Humble was voted Pittsburgh’s number 1 Christian Hip Hop Artist in 2014 and 2015.

He is also a co-founder and leader of an organization started in 2014 called Kingdom Men In Action. This is a multi-congregational men’s ministry with a desire to bring the body of Christ together and love and live like Jesus did. Their mission is “to display the glory of God through the unity of the body, the love of the brethren, and selfless service to impact our community”. There is a heavy focus on evangelism and service. During the summer months, the men are on the streets every Monday night and Stay Humble raps and preaches for an hour. Taking what he has learned form the Farming God’s Way ministry, they are now beginning to connect felons and people looking for work with training and jobs.

2016 started off very well with a trip to Malawi, Africa. He traveled there with a ministry that he is now a part of called Farming God’s Way. This ministry teaches the poorest of the poor a new technique in farming that produces enough crop to feed their family and sell the excess. Farming God’s Way is a ministry that is bringing people out of poverty while advancing the kingdom of God. He will be returning to Africa in May of 2017 to continue his work with the ministry.

Stay Humble stays involved at his local YMCA by teaching a leadership club, playing basketball with the kids, and preparing to plant and work his first Farming Gods Way demonstration garden. He will be utilizing the kids at the YMCA as a workforce to plant, weed, and harvest the crop. This will be a great lesson for these young people in hard work, time management, accounting, sowing and reaping, and God’s blessing for obedience.

Today, Jerry is happily married with four children and he keeps his wife and kids involved in the ministry. His wife and daughters run his merch table while his oldest son sells the handmade jewelry he makes. His youngest son hand makes all the Stay Humble leather bracelets so it truly is a family affair.

Minister Jerry Jefferson a.k.a. “Stay Humble” has been doing Christian Hip-Hop since 2002 and preaching and teaching the Gospel since 2004, and won’t stop till Christ returns!